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The Agency is a global, boutique real estate brokerage defined by our strength of character, rebellious spirit and passion for reinvention. Anticipating our client’s needs and going the extra mile is just our standard. Our goal is simple—everyone gets the red carpet treatment.

Real estate in the Netherlands will never be the same.

The Agency is modernizing real estate with our concierge service approach, collaborative culture and vast global reach. We pair over 20 years of real estate experience with the resources of an entire global team, offering creative marketing, cutting-edge technology and an unforgettable client service experience. After all, more of the same is never an option.



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The Agency

Breaking away from the traditional brokerage model, The Agency takes a collaborative approach to real estate. Our global presence allows us to serve our clients with a full scope of real estate services in the Netherlands, or wherever life may take you.


Headquartered in Amsterdam, The Agency Netherlands serves buyers and sellers nationwide, from the quaint, village-like neighborhoods of the capital city to The Hague, ‘t Gooi and their scenic surrounding neighbourhoods.

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The Agency doesn’t just team up with anyone. We choose quality over quantity, always. We carefully select our partners and colleagues, hiring only full-time, committed real estate professionals dedicated to offering an exceptional client experience.